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Hillestad heating was a start-up company in 1988. 5 dedicated hard working guys, with different expertise, in all different aspects of HVAC joined forces. With a plan that took over a year to develop (as business picked up & grew) the group finally had enough business to sustain and employ all of them. Like most businesses they worked out of personal vans, and garages. For the first year Terry Hillestad’s garage was the main shop. Eventually they had enough business to open an official office, in downtown Lodi, that was in the basement if a dental office.

In 1991, Hillestad bought vacant land in an industrial park to build the first official office and sheet metal shop.

Throughout the years Hillestad has grown and expanded on its own property. Originally many buildings were built with the sole purpose of business / commercial rental space. As time went on, and business continued to grow, existing tenants moved , and leases were not re-newed, therefore Hillestad began occupying their own buildings. Sheetmetal shop alone has moved 3 times alone due to need of a larger space.

Hillestad company photo


Company’s Focus

At HILLESTAD  you get more than technically advanced and reliable heating equipment, you get a highly dedicated customer support team that geographically covers an area between Stoughton and Wisconin Dells. The members of this team are very well trained and can provide you with HVAC services such as servicing existing equipment, Installing new, replacing old, or basic maintenance services.

In the beginning Hillestad focused on residential homes and light commercial. That remains true today. Service and replacement of HVAC equipment with an eye on customer satisfaction.

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